Remote Photo 2018

Reframing the Border

Remote Photo Festival & The Gallery Of Photography

Festival Weekend 11-13 May 2018

Remote Photo is a festival dedicated to photographers creating work in a remote or rural context.

The border in Ireland is one of the most important issues affecting the island of Ireland. As we approach an uncertain Brexit and the centenary of partition the prospect of moving from a diffused border to a hard border raises concerns. The prospect of reinstating of physical barriers only recently viewed as ‘gone forever’ raises concerns about the impact of the border on local communities; the people of this island and its’ wider impact of the EU.  

Nigel Swann | Borderlands

Aidan Pedreschi | Pillboxes

Patrick Kelly | The Land of Milk and Honey

Kevin Fox | DRUM: Portrait of a Village

Ciaran Dunbar | Diesel

New Gallery & Foyer Gallery Enda Bowe | Love’s Fire Song & Searching for North


Donovan Wylie | Watchtowers

Seán Hillen | LondoNewry & Irelantis

Anthony Haughey | Disputed Territory

Main Gallery – David Farrell | Innocent Landscapes

Main Gallery – Installation Kate Nolan | Lacuna