Tales from Muckish Mountain

Two stories that unite generations through history 

Donegal County Museum, Letterkenny (3pm 13 May)

Glass Mountain: The story of Muckish sand is the story of a remote mountain in Donegal that once became famous for its crystal clear sand that was used to make glass all over the world and the men who mined it.
This documentary tells the unique history of Muckish Mountain through a mix of rare original archive film footage from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, historical photography and recent interviews with the men who worked there.
It was created by a community based collective of film makers who wanted to tells this powerful story and record its history, first hand from those who worked on the mountain, to preserve it for future generations.
An industry born from crisis, it brought the industrial spot light to one of the most remote, impoverished, places in Europe and tales of this enchanting mountain spread far and wide and still endure today for visitors from all over the world.
As a follow up to this production the group sourced a number of rare recordings of footage from another important chapter in the mountains more recent history, which actually has a direct link to the miners of the 1950’s.
In the millennium year of 2000 plans were put in place to rededicate the historical cross placed on the summit of Muckish in the Marian year of 1951. Through the eyes,and home video recordings, of those present on the day in the summer of 2000 – High Cross: The story of the Millennium Cross of Muckish – tells the story of the remarkable effort made by a community and a dedicated Irish Air Corp helicopter team to erect a new cross that will stand the test of time against the ravages of the rugged North Atlantic weather.
The excitement and adrenaline of this audacious challenge is almost palpable from the perspectives captured on video by those in attendance on a historic day in a small, tight knit, community.
Both films are suitable for all ages and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy them.